Northeast Community Court


  • About the Court:
    • As former Community Court Director Brianne Howe described it:
      • Community Court is an alternative to traditional court for folks that have been charged with non-violent misdemeanors, charges like urinating in public, theft in the third degree, general nuisance, trespassing, and evading arrest.
      • The court also has attorneys and a judge and punitive measures like community service, but instead of handing down jail time, the judge hands down sentences with ways of getting a person’s life back on track. Individuals have to show up every Monday to check-in, and they can also get lunch. By graduating from the full program, they are going to be able to have their charges dropped.
  • Mission & Purpose:
    • The Spokane Municipal Community Court seeks to reduce and properly address quality of life offenses in the Downtown and Northeast Spokane areas by utilizing a collaborative, problem-solving approach to crime.
  • Principles of the Community Court:
    • Individualized justice
    • Improve the quality of life for participants and the community
    • Promote fair, equitable, and responsive policies
    • Find family and community-oriented solutions
    • Expand employment and education opportunities
    • Improve the community and neighborhoods through sustainable environmental awareness and action
  • Awards:
    • 2018 WSBA APEX Award Recipient – Award of Merit

(2018 WSBA APEX Awards Ceremony)

Further information about the Community Court of Spokane can be found on the website, created by the Court itself, at:


  • The Community Court expanded into its Northeast Branch on December 12, 2017, within the Northeast Community Center and meets Tuesdays from 10am-1pm. The location was carefully picked based on crime statistics. Low-level offenders, to be eligible for referral, must commit a crime within the court’s boundaries. Those boundaries include nearly all Spokane City boundaries north of the Spokane River and east of North Division Street.
    • Eligible crimes include misdemeanor theft, possession of stolen property, prostitution, resisting arrest, trespassing, disorderly conduct, and misdemeanor vehicle prowling.
      • Service providers meet at 9 am each Tuesday to staff the weekly docket and identify participants’ progress and needs before court commences.
    • Participants complete their community service hours in the Northeast area, and the court partners with the local COPS Shop to find other opportunities to serve.
  • The Community Court allows all neighborhoods in the Northeast area a chance at helping those who would otherwise be forgotten. The Community Court seeks to reduce and properly address quality of life offenses with a collaborative and problem-solving approach.

Other Information about the Northeast Branch of the Community Court held in the Northeast Community Center is found in the article by Hawk Hammer,, Dec. 12, 2017, at: