Community Garden

Step away from the hectic hustle of everyday life and participate in a Community Garden


Established in 1994, the Northeast Community Garden was created at the Community Center by the LDS church as a part of their sesquicentennial celebration. The first year’s crops were farmed in the tradition of early pioneers and produce given to the food bank for Northeast families. The gardens were then made available for individual gardening. In 2007, to support the expansion of the Community Center, the gardens were relocated to the corner of Liberty and Lacy Street and offered twice the number of garden spaces. All were quickly filled.

The garden operates on a corner of the Andrew Rypien Playfield. In addition to youth soccer and baseball, the entire field is surrounded by a lighted walking path. Comcast employees constructed a nearby play structure.


Garden spaces are reserved on an annual basis with prior year’s Gardeners having the opportunity to renew their spaces. Remaining spaces are rented on a first come, first serve basis. Additional spaces are also available at the Pumphouse garden at Crestline and East Hoffman. To reserve a space email our Community Garden Coordinator, Nic Bowcut, at, or Call 509-487-1603 Ext.217