Our Board of Directors

Matt Sonderen
President of NECC Board of Directors
Matt Sonderen is a leader for the application of technology strategies with the Center and is Co-owner and Director of Quality Management for Sonderen Packaging, and is a judge for Greater Spokane Incorporated’s AGORA awards for Business Excellence.

Betty Craipo
Vice President of NECC Board of Directors

Betty Craipo is a 25+ year resident whose children enjoyed Cooper, Shaw, and Rogers to the fullest.  Betty graduated from Gonzaga Law in 2017, served in the Public Defenders Office, and is now sharing her legal know-how and community fervor with the Criminal Justice Information Hotline.  You will find her promoting Mission Engagement, Spokane’s Community Court Northeast, The ZONE, and the Hillyard Campus at the Center. 

Paul Hamilton

Paul Hamilton is the Past President of the Hillyard Neighborhood Council, a member of many Hillyard organizations, and actively pursues economic development for the neighborhood. He is the owner of the local Allstate Insurance Agency.   

C. Eric Christiansen CFP
Eric Christiansen is an Owner and Certified Financial Planner with Quantum Financial Planning. Christiansen will continue to serve on the Revenue Generation Strategy Team and was instrumental in establishing an Endowment for NECC.

Sean Bresnahan
Sean Bresnahan has been a Board member since 2007 and has a strong interest in assuring dental care access for low-income families. Bresnahan is VP of Loan Product Management for Umpqua Bank.

Alvaro Figueroa
Alvaro Figueroa is an MBA graduate from Eastern Washington University. He works at Avista as a Spanish Translator and Credit & Collections Business Analyst. Alvaro was a founding member of the Latino Hope Foundation in 2015 and currently serves on numerous professional boards in Spokane. He is an avid runner, having completed over 30 full and half marathons and 10 Spartan races. Alvaro is a member of the Revenue Generation Strategy Team for NECC.

John Dickson
John Dickson joins the Board as team leader for the Economic Empowerment Strategies. He is COO for Spokane County, previously served as Area Director for the Employment Security Commission, and is a professional trainer with Dale Carnegie Training.

Kristin Goff
Kristin Goff is President of Wendle Motors Chairs, the Marketing & Communications Strategy Development team. She serves on numerous non-profit boards, community groups, and professional organizations. Goff also works in support of the Revenue Generation Team strategies.

Jarren Long
Jarren Long is President of Books N’ Bytes, Inc., and Senior Application Engineer for Travis Pattern and Foundry. Jarren is a resident of the neighborhood with interest in emerging technologies and social services. He will serve the Center as strategy team leader for Technology applications.

Dr. Brian Davenport
Dr. Brian Davenport is Director of Community Engagement at Eastern Washington University and a career educator as a former professor and high school teacher.

Eric Owens
Eric Owens is a partner with Salyer Owens Kerr design studio.  Eric received his degrees in Architectural Studies from WSU and went to work in Spokane with a passion for creative design and sustainable construction solutions.  He has the ability to influence people’s lives with his talent positively.  Eric eagerly puts that skill set to work for the Center.

Holly Renga
Holly Renga joins the Board, having retired from the medical field, hoping to share her 30+year resident and career wisdom. With a few years of retirement behind her, she is free to fully embrace the Hillyard community, helping folks with the confusing aspects of being a senior in our area. She will also be an outstanding partner to The ZoNE Project, supporting our community’s families and schools. 

Joyce Jones, Past Emeritus
Joyce Jones, who passed away in 2016, was a member of the Hillyard Steering Committee and a founding Board member of NECCA. She is a past Trustee of Spokane Public Library.