The ZoNE Project | Circle of Security Parenting Series

The free virtual parenting series provides support and knowledge for parents as they navigate their children’s emotional needs. Certificates are presented to each family that completes the course.

Get paid to participate! This program is 8 weeks long, and participants get $10 per week for the first 4 sessions and $15 per week for the last 4 sessions.

Parenting Series Details:

This program is completely virtual!

Program Length – 8 Weeks; Certificates presented to each family after completion of the course

Offered Mondays & Tuesdays from 6:00 – 7:30 PM

Starts Monday, September 28, or Tuesday September 29, 2020


  • A device with a stable internet connection and webcam
  • Participants need to limit who is in the room during group or wear headphones
  • Participants cannot attend group while driving, at a store, or with a group of people
  • Commitment to weekly attendance is required, as each group session builds on each other
  • Handouts will be included in email invites each week
  • Groups are for caregivers (parents) only; children should not be present (exceptions can be addressed)

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand your child’s emotional world by learning to read the emotional needs
  • Support your child’s ability to manage emotions successfully
  • Enhance the development of your child’s self-esteem
  • Honor your innate wisdom and desire for your child to be secure

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Phone: (509) 487-1603 Ext. 222

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