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Big things are happening in northeast Spokane! In partnership with local schools, organizations, and nonprofits, Gonzaga University has implemented a new initiative to combat problems identified in a recent survey of northeast Spokane residents. The three areas of focus for the Opportunity Northeast initiative includes:

  • Improve educational opportunities and outcomes for both youth and adults
  • Increase safety, as well as access to health care, food, and quality housing
  • Engage the entire Gonzaga community in this process to provide learning and leadership development opportunities

GU President Thayne McCulloh said the following in a Spokesman-Review article, “This feels representative of an evolution that has been in the making,”… “Spokane is our hometown, and we derive a tremendous amount of support and generosity of spirit and participation from people right here. We need to pay attention to ways we can give back and support people in our own community.”

With the new Opportunity Northeast initiative, northeast Spokane schools and organizations will be working together to combat what was described as significant economic, educational, and health challenges. With an aim to combat identified challenges, the initiative will be tasked with improving the quality of life for individuals, youth, and families in northeast Spokane!

Learn more about Opportunity Northeast by clicking here and see the Gonzaga University Listening Project results here!

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