Hillyard-based nonprofit receives 3-year Group Health Foundation Grant

Hillyard based nonprofit receives a three-year, $225,000 grant from the Group Health Foundation to assist with operational costs and to assists with program development for youth and parents. According to their website, If You Could Just Save One is a community-based organization, that provides professional art classes to help youth realize and find confidence in their skills.

The founder, Natalie Gutierrez said the following in a press release, “The kids we serve have a high risk for falling through the cracks. I knew if we provided activities such as music, cosmetology, fashion, and art, we would capture the attention of teens and give them a safe place to not only hang out with friends but develop skills and explore options for building their futures.”

The impact of providing these types of activities and programs for youth and families will be felt within the communities where such activities and programs are lacking.

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